• Amber Epperson

TakeCare is more than a saying...

TakeCare Boutique was birthed from my passion of #selfcare. It was such a long road of discovery. But when I finally understood what self care really meant, there was no looking back. I finally gave myself permission to be a woman, to be human, to be me! I accepted the good, the bad and everything else it meant... for me to be me. Most authentically me!

And once I found me, I set out to protect her without compromise and finally take care of her, the way no one else could....

I was a single parent for many years. Active Duty single parent at that. Then on top of that I was an active duty single parent of two toddlers-- one of which with severe special needs. My care was literally devoted to everyone and everything else. And duh! No one takes care of the Care Giver! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I quickly spiraled into a dark hole and completely loss my sense of self. So many times I was challenged to answer: "Who are you? Who is Amber? What does Amber enjoy? What makes Amber happy?" I consistantly drew a blank, unable to create a sensible answer. It truly saddened me and only lowered me further into #selfhate, #depression, and down too many bottles of alcohol. Once I decided (and accepted) that I no longer had any #selfcontrol, I sought help. I was well aware of the stigma that came along with having conversations of #mentalhealth. Especially within the different communities I was a part of, the black community and in the military community. Thankfully, I was encouraged by someone familiar with #mentalillness and because of that support, I found the #COURAGE to seek help! That was the first step in #recovery and #selfcare. My first genuine efforts to #takecare of me!

Through years -and I mean literally years- of treatment, I am in much better place. I feel better emotionally, mentally, phys...well, I mean, I am still working on my summer body.... but for sure, I am mentally and emotionally better these days, lol!

Now don't get it twisted, I am not cured or anything like that. I am still certified #crazy. I have the certificates, diagnosis, and psych records to prove it! LOL! However, I have developed a tool kit of sorts, that contain all my coping mechanisms and self care regimes that I have learned and put together that work for me. With these tools, in most instances, I am able to achieve a happiness and a peace within myself regardless of surrounding circumstances.

I am able to find a light in the darkness, find the rainbow after the rain, even quiet my mind and heart in mania...all through my established self care routines that I am constantly developing.

There are so many different paths and stops along the road of care. Talk therapy, pharmaceutical therapy, holistic therapy, hypnotherapy...the list goes on right? Well, I have found my own success in touching on so many different types and methods of therapy. Do not limit your wellness to what others around you deem as acceptable treatment and do not shy away from one area because you are unfamiliar. Dibble a little here....dabble a little there...and then hit the filter. Keep what works and dump the rest!

My mission right now is to see you give your self permission to take care of YOU!

Numero Uno!

I once heard someone say..."Cant nobody take care of you better than you!"

So I charge you all to find just one way, today or this week, to #takecare of YOU!

Be well, be blessed and beYOUtiful!

TakeCare! ❤

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